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Stucco siding has an earthy, natural appeal to it that blends well in Indianapolis’ terrain. In addition to its pleasant appearance, stucco is also very low-maintenance and durable. It’s no wonder that so many homes in Indy are adorned with this simple siding. However, low maintenance is not the same as no maintenance, and even stucco siding needs to be painted sometimes.

We are stucco painters in Indy that meet your stucco painting needs. We use the highest quality exterior elastomeric and acrylic paint coatings to ensure your house looks great after being painted. While repainting stucco as part of repairs, we ensure the process is carried out seamlessly and that the end result looks as part of the original house. Call today: (317) 207 9884 

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We have always strived to provide our clients with a stucco paint finish that performs and looks great. Part of our method for making sure your finish looks great is to do great work of cutting into the paint at the corners to achieve a straight line. Also, we backroll paint to achieve a thick mil thickness of paint. Mil thickness is important when waterproofing your house with paint. The breathability of the stucco is given up in order to waterproof the house. At this point, the installation of a thick paint coating becomes the focus. It will keep water out, seal any cracks, and resist fading and weathering. 

How to paint stucco siding

The first stage in any paint job is to clean the area to be painted. For exterior painting, pressure washing is the best way to prepare the surface. Alternatively, the stucco could be washed with a long-handled scrub brush, but this is more labor intensive, and may not reach into all the recessed areas of the stucco texture.

If there is any mildew on the siding, it is recommended that you use a bleach or Mildewcide solution during the cleaning process, because just spraying or scrubbing the mildew will not kill the spores that live on the surface.

When pressure washing an exterior surface, it is vital that you maintain an even distance from the siding, close enough to clean, but not close enough to damage the surface. Use smooth, even strokes to make sure you don’t miss spots.

Cost to paint a stucco house

The cost to paint stucco on a 2,000 square foot two-story home exterior requiring cleaning and minor repairs will cost approximately $4,800-$5,800. New stucco takes about 6 weeks to set, so you can’t paint right away. However, new stucco means it doesn’t need to be cleaned beforehand. Stucco that has already been installed may need to be cleaned or even repaired, which can add to your painting cost. Pressure washing costs $60-$100 per hour.

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How should I prepare stucco before painting?

Proper hydration is necessary before painting stucco. Alkali-resistant primers should be applied beforehand to ensure proper and long lasting color. More on this…

What kind of paint should I use on stucco sidings?

In order to do a good job coating and preserving stucco, your exterior paint needs to be flexible and resilient. Painting contractors recommend using elastomeric paint, which was developed for exactly this type of application. If elastomeric coating has been previously applied to the walls, you can use regular latex-acrylic exterior paint on a later paint job. You should apply a masonry primer before painting the wall. Flat paints look better flat on stucco buildings. You may need several layers of paint because stucco sucks a lot of it.

How do you match a color on a stucco repair?

Our standard operating procedure is to either do the repairs in complete sections or to do the final coat of paint in complete sections, covering corner to corner or corner to joint. This ensures we paint a large enough area and any differences in color are lost to the eye. Because this saves time lost in trying to make a color match work, it’s not necessarily always a more expensive route. 

What if there are cracks in my stucco?

A good exterior paint will bridge and hide hairline cracks in stucco. If the crack is wide enough to insert the end of a butter knife, it should be caulked. Faulty surface will result in paint peeling off the wall. Caulking can be done by a homeowner using the proper type of caulk. But you may want to hire a professional painter to get the best results. Moisture may deteriorate the integrity of a leaked structure. Stucco repair is tricky, and poorly-blended repair jobs will show through your exterior paint.