Stucco has been around for long. Chances are that your stucco wall is made of old concrete blend if you’re looking for siding removal service. The newer versions of stucco are softer in nature. The regular blend of sand, concrete and water was quite popular during those days. So the results were strong builds with a few decades of endurance. So the removal process is quite simple. The structure is not complex. However, it’s a laborious job. We can get it done within a short time with our professional installers.

It’s common to hear cases where the entire stucco siding had to be removed because of humidity. Kevin, who has been living in a stucco home for a while now, notices that his window frames have allowed some moisture in it. The result is devastating as the water content has rotten the inside structure to a point he had to remove the stucco siding and apply a new one. He had his windows installed 20 years ago. So the incident came off very surprising to him. He, like a lot other home owners, believes that the stucco sheathing should have been checked by a stucco inspector. Our stucco repair specialists inspect and test the current condition of your home so that you can save your hard earned money beforehand.

We talk safety

Safety is a major concern while removing old stucco from buildings. It’s quite dangerous to work with falling stucco debris. That’s why we ensure our contractors are well equipped and cautious about safety issues. The falling debris is often made of hard concrete which makes it even more lethal. We make sure the working area is cleaned after, because the remaining components can cause tripping or cut. The process should be completed by two or more professionals in certain cases to avoid exhaustion. Here are some common practices to keep ourselves safe while working.

Careful Operation

Precise operation is necessary while removing stucco layers. Because stucco sidings are lumped in layers, it is rather easy to chisel them out. We don’t recommend using sledgehammers. Our preference to make several cuts in certain places and use hand held hammers where necessary. The cuts indicate suitable places for pulling out thin plates from the surface. The subsequent sections can be detached with the further use of hand held hammers.


When do you need to remove stucco from your walls?

If you see any of the following signs, you should call a professional inspection company to check the condition of your house.

  • Cracking: This is quite common. Little cracks here and there are to be expected. However, any crack that crosses 1/16” of an inch needs your attention. These cracks can be the hotspot of larger cracks and connect dots over the stucco wall.
  • Gapping: Creation of gaps near windows and door frames are very lethal since these are gateways for water flow. You can lose your entire structure because of trapped humidity.
  • Mold and Staining: Probably stucco’s worst enemy. Try to see if you can notice water in the cracks otherwise excess humidity may give birth to mold.

So far, we have transformed quite a little crumpling patchwork into masterpieces. We try to communicate with our clients frequently, help them save their valuable belongings while working, and deliver the job very fast. We have a bunch of happy homeowners in Indianapolis area. From stucco repair to plastering, drywall, patching, inspection — all are our specializations. We are just a call away. Get your falling stucco done and patched while enjoying the well painted look of your house.

We will offer you a quote based on our visits at your house or building. Thanks to technology, you can expect us to give you an overall idea about the prices online. We have an expert team of contractors who can inspect and check the stucco material also. There are cases when we test the components in a lab. We have handled such cases where the structure has been infested by water and mold and so needed removal. The entire stucco siding can be replaced with new layers of stucco. We also offer painting service once your house is fixed.

Removing stucco from your house or building can seem like a huge task, because it is. However, with the help of our careful contractors, you can rest assured. We have a long tradition of getting things done and clean. Contact us today for a detailed quote for the job. Our local contractors in Indianapolis have helped quite a few homeowners with their stucco built homes without emptying their wallet.